• Shower gel shampoo 300 ml
    Shower gel shampoo 300 ml

    It contains natural Rose water, which is incredibly rich in active substances, stimulating the regeneration and strengthening the protective skin functions. Thanks to the included biologically active complex in the content, the…

    € 4,95
  • After shave 100 ml
    After shave 100 ml

    The after-shave lotion provides a gentle protection and freshness for the skin after shaving. It disinfects, calms and nourishes the inflammatory skin, it creates a feeling for comfort. The rose water, included into the content,…

    € 5,95
  • Anti age cream 50 ml
    Anti age cream 50 ml

    Men`s face cream which has hydrating and rejuvenating effect. With the help of its natural ingredients and the included biopeptide, the product increases the freshness and the vitality of the skin, ant it also improves the overall…

    € 3,35
  • Hand soap 100 gr
    Hand soap 100 gr

    A luxurious cosmetic soap for men. Delicately clean in depth the skin, keeps its moisture and makes it soft, elastic and smooth. A perfect combination of delicate washing effect and typical long-term man roma.

    € 3,25
  • Natural nourishing soap 100 gr
    Natural nourishing soap 100 gr

    Male soap, created from natural vegetal ingredients and enriched with Bulgarian rose oil, rose water and dried rose petals. Other ingredients included in the products are coconut oil, palm oil, which gently nourish and soften any…

    € 3,95
  • After shave 100 ml
    After shave 100 ml

    Biofresh's soothing aftershave with lavender extract Herbs of Bulgaria is suitable for disinfection after shaving and perfuming the face and body. It has a fresh scent suitable for every energetic man.

    € 7,95

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01-01-2021 Sales to the UK has been stopped due to the new UK VAT rules. Shipping to Gibraltar and within EU is possible


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